PFW feels

January 2019 Instagram Stories full of crazy LV, Heron Preston, Raf Simons or Valentino runway shows. Street style Photographers rushing on the streets of Paris, sick outfits everywhere. Me: in Duessledorf – on the couch, watching the livestreams whilst working. Inspired.          

How I applied for my Internship

Hey you all – Hope you are doing well and work on you dreams and visions 😉 I recently received a lot of messages on Instagram (yes I know, I am not having a big community  -Buuut there are lots of DMs coming in at the moment and you all seem to be pretty interested […]

When Your Life Constantly Changes

Just a quick reminder: As I received a lot of messages regarding my Fashion PR internship, from how I applied for it and actually got the offer for the position to how I prepared my CV, I decided to publish a weekly guide for those of you, who also want to get their foot into […]

Hard Work Will Pay Off One Day

There we go again. It’s been a while since I’ve published an Intern Diary Post. But I feel it’s time again: Lots of things has happened: London Fashion Week to just mention one example. The weeks seem to fly by. And no wonder: I haven’t had even one day off during my time in London.  […]