Dior Saddle Bag

“Should I buy it? It is just 150 pounds and I love it… But it is so tiny.”

This conversation would not have happened if would have known, that just five months after this conversation in one of my favourite Vintage Stores in Notting Hill the Dior Saddle Bag would relive a comebag… Sorry, comeback.

In his latest men’s collection, Kim Jones presented the Mini-Dior-Saddle and triggered off the seasons possibly biggest comeback. Everyone who is interested in fashion is going nuts for this accessoire.

I must say: I do not support every single trend that overtakes the fashion elite and I already began to feel annoyed by the masses of bloggers who all at once started to post their “new” Dior Saddle Bags on their Websites and Instagram. However, I have to admit that I am absolutely in love with the bags design and history.

Classical fashion inspirations such as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City Season 3 or singer Beyonce were (and I bet that they still are) fans of the iconic bag that now gives us a major throwback to the 2000s.

I could kick myself for not spending the 150 pounds. I have been madly in love with this bag, but rather decided to go with a vintage Roberto Cavalli trouser which I have not been wearing since.

Prices are rising and people try to sell their bags for hundreds of euros on various websites. Anyway… There I going to be a next vintage trend and I will not be the one, who has missed the chance of buying this vintage treasure by then. My Fendi Baguette still waits for its big comeback…

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picture from: Nylon Mag

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  1. […] This bag is the proof that we should never give away iconic designer pieces with logos or special shapes or special hardware  etc. In therealreal.com , the DIOR SADDLE bags before the trend hit were sold for 400 euros and maybe cheaper and now a vintage one costs around 1000 euros the least!!!! Read my friend’s Lilly Meuser story about the dior saddle bag here […]

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